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I Bing'd it On

Here is the results

Yesterday while I was chatting with another developer, the topic came up: why haven't we adopted using Bing as a search engine. So, we did a 5 round "Bing It On" challenge and, I'm sorry Microsoft, but Google won four and I went to a draw twice. Granted, I was just throwing out searches as it came to me.

So, this morning, I want to do a best two out of three to see if my results yesterday were jaded. Here it goes ...

Search Results

  • "seo phoenix az": On this search, both sides had the same #1 result. Normally when I do a search, I glance through the top five. The right seems to have placed news where number four would normally be. Judging by the results, it is too close for me to call so I'm going with a draw.
  • "nba finals": So, I haven't been keeping up with the NBA in the past few years. I was out with my wife and mother-in-law the night before and I saw the game was on. So, I want to see what's going on. The results on the left show news right on the top. The search on the right has an interactive piece right on top so that I can see the past scores and see when the next game will be. The first real results show Wikipedia on the left and the NBA playoffs home on the right. I'm going with the results on the right.
  • "jvc flats": I love these headphones. I have recommended them to friends and they love these headphones. So, I want to see which result will give me more information on them. I prefer the website on the left because it is showing more results than on the right. Also, in regards to the results, I like fact that the right has three video reviews and a link to a forum post. I prefer reading forum posts because it's mostly reviews from everyday people like me.
  • "saturn vue v6 engine": I am a Saturn Vue driver with the Honda V6 engine. I love it! Both have images toward the top. Both have the Wikipedia link as the number one position. The results on the left show me forum results at the number three spot and it shows me the drilldown of posts that reveals a lot more information to me as a Vue owner. The results on the right show a Car and Driver review at the number 2 spot, which I like to read. The results on the left show a review from Edmunds which I am so-so with. Slight edge to the one of the left because of the forum results.
  • "peruvian food": I had lunch with a friend yesterday who love Peuvian food. So, I am going to do a quick search on it. Positions one and two are Wikipedia and, with Wikipedia on top on the left and on top on the right. After that is the images. The local results, which is lower, shows Washington state versus Arizona so I'm going to discard this. I wish I would have added "phoenix az" to the search. Instead, though, I will make the best of this. Below the images, number three is National Geographic on the left and on the right. The National Geographic link has this text below: "You can't get the flavor of a country without tasting the food. Here are our picks for the ten don't-miss eats on a trip to Peru's Machu Picchu." The link on the right has this result: "From Pisco Sours to ceviche, our members' Peruvian recipes highlight the best of this Latin cuisine." I am not a member of, but I clicked on the link anyway and saw that there was recipes. I confess that I love cooking. The National Geographic link has a gorgeous photo and a nice description of the authors top ten Peruvian dishes. The left has the same link at number seven but the right has local results. The one of the left has two Yelp reviews which the one on the right doesn't have. If I'm going to be in Washington state tomorrow, I'd like to look at local reviews so I will give a very, very slight edge to the results on the left.

Here are the results, copied and pasted from the page:

seo phoneix az - DRAW
nba finals - GOOGLE
jvc flats - GOOGLE
saturn vue v6 engine - GOOGLE
peruvian food - GOOGLE

Well, here's another round in which Google won. I am a bit surprised that I chose all Google except for one, though. Yesterday I did prefer some of the Bing websites, though I must confess that it was, at most, two out of five.

So, I took the "Bing It On" challenge and, well, still haven't found a compelling case to switch over from Google.

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