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Treative Tools

It's nothing earth shattering. It's all over the Web. Different companies have different implementations of it.

Treative Tools is on online application that allows you to manage your Web site from ANY Web browser or any internet enabled phone or PDA.

The difference is that Treative Tools "pears down" Web functions and coding to simple, easy to use tasks and methods. You don't need to know HTML coding. You don't need to wade through big manuals. You don't need to load a Java or ActiveX HTML editor that takes a long time to load and doesn't work on all browsers. You don't need to make 20 clicks to edit or post new content. Everything is laid out like a Web site versus an application. If you can browse a Web site, you know how to edit and post new data on your new Web site powered by Treative Tools -- even on your PDA.

Feel free to contact us to take setup a demo for you to try Treative Tools.