Welcome to Treative Development

Patron Saint: St. Joseph

St. Joseph, entrusted to be the head of The Holy Family,
I humbly ask for your intercession over Treative Development.
As the patron saint of Treative,
I entrust all the work I do to your powerful intercession.
Help me to be like you who sacrificed your will
to be obedient in being the head of The Holy Family.
Help me to be diligent in the work that has been entrusted to me.
Help me keep this job in perspective,
so that I don't lose sight of Your Son,
but rather help me to see the dignity of work as a means
to provide for the Body of Christ.
I consecrate all the work of Treative to your hands
that labored to provide for Our Lord.
I ask this through Jesus Christ, your foster Son,
Who with The Father and The Holy Spirit,
lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph, save souls!