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One Page Websites

Starting in the fourth quarter of 2007, Treative Development will begin offering "one page Web sites" for customers to boost their search engine traffic or to begin establishing a Web presence. The following domains are already in development to handle these "one page Web sites":

  • AZ Lodging: a listing of hotels and resorts in Arizona
  • Arizona Home Specials: a listing of special offers and incentives from home builders and sellers in Arizona
  • The Acoustic Shop: place an ad for your acoustic guitar; open to vendors
  • Architect Line: a listing of architect firms
  • Phoenix Catholics: a resource for Catholics in Phoenix, Arizona
  • End of the 55: a resource for anyone traveling to the area at the end of the 55 freeway (Costa Mesa, Newport Beach)
  • Desserts Delivery: currently focusing in on shops that offer deserts in the Metro Phenix area
  • Along the Erie: a resource for shops and lodging along the Erie Canal in New York

The following Web site will be built on the same technology, but will be used for other clients:

This idea came to Theo through his promotion of Aid to Women Center's Web site. Many clients and colleagues have commented on the Web site's effectiveness in displaying all the information needed on "one page."